Thursday, 28 February 2013

Final Major Project - Dendrology

 So finally getting around to posting on my blog, after many months, of saying 'must up-date my blog!'

During these months, it has been rather hetic with dissertation work, minor project work and an exhibition at the Empty Shop Gallery in Durham.

On to the Final Major Project (FMP) which is again natured inspired, this time focusing on Dendrology, the Study of Trees.

I have been looking primarily at the textures and patterns created by the bark, and also the leaves. Currently experimenting with the textures of trees and trying to recreate these textures with differing materials.

The samples that are pictured all focus on the textiles side of the sampling process, both metal and ceramic sample pictures are to come!

The right hand side sample, after much manipulation has a bark feel to it, which I didn't expect to achieve, with this process.

The leaf samples have a mixture of techniques that create the differing shades and textures, all layered up creates a caotic sample!

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