Saturday, 13 April 2013

Dendrology Sampling

Here are just a few photo's of my samples, inspired by the images from Thorp Perrow and other tree walks in the local area.

I have focused on creating the textures of bark, using techniques that lend themselves to the bark texture. Although, maybe not technically challenging techniques, they lend themselves well to that of mark making for bark.

The rounded effect of the copper rings are to represent the protectiveness that bark creates around a tree, shielding the inner workings of the tree from the elements, this is much the same as our skin, that protects us from the elements and bacteria.

The technique I used for textile sampling also lends itself well to creating bark texture. Layering up differing fabrics, to create the tones, then machine stitching over the top to create the contours of the bark. To create the texture, using a combination of fabric soldering iron and heat gun to burn away the edges, revealing the fabrics underneath. The burnt texture adds to the roughness of tree bark.

The leaf sample, used a mixture of media to create the different tones, from organza to bubble wrap. Machine stitched edges to get the outline of leaves, then cut out with the soldering iron or scissors. All leaves were individually stitched into place on a base of calico and brown organza.

Ceramic samples are to follow!