Sunday, 27 November 2011

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Sticky Messes!!!

Volcanic Glaze Test

 It has been a few weeks since I have updated my Blog, but I have been busy constructing my samples, so here are several examples of the ceramic glazes that I have made up.



As my theme is Coast, I have been looking mostly at Limpets and Rock formations that occur on the Coast, the latter predominantly in Ceramics.

Snowflake Crackle Glaze


With the rock formations in mind, I wanted a glaze that reflected the rock surface and the colours that came with them.


Barium Glaze with Peeling effect


Volcanic Glaze Adaptation

I especially like the texture of the Volcanic Glaze and Barium Glaze with the Peeling effect, as they have really captured the surface texture of the rocks. I have made the Barium glaze with the exact ingredients that were specified, hence the blue colour, I would like to take this further by experimenting with possible rock colours.

Matte Gold Glaze

 I also tried to capture the colours of the rock formations, usually with no texture, as I wanted to see the colour fully and not have them distorted with any textures, once I had decided on the colours, then I would mix the colours and textures together to create the rock formation. From the colour tests, the Matte Gold and Crystalline Light Ochre have worked well. Both have added qualities, with the pools of gold and the crystals that have developed in the glaze.

Crystalline Light Ochre Glaze

Starting the development stage, the Volcanic Glaze Adaptation test has combined both the colours and texture together; however, I want to take this further by combining other colour glazes with the effect glazes to see if there are better possibilities.

Hopefully, will update you with other samples and test soon!!

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