Saturday, 21 January 2012

Samples Galore!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Apologies for not posting sooner, deadline is nigh and stress levels are high!

I thought I would share my samples with you, as I have finally spread them out to see them together for the first time!

From left to right: Jewellery Samples, Textiles Samples, Combined Samples and Ceramic Samples, freshly labelled this morning.

An update with my final pieces, the candle snuffer that I made as part of my Jewellery/Metal section is away getting silver plated. For my Textiles I am in the middle of making a Expandable Bag, originally a Beach/Shopping Bag idea, I have developed it further into an Occasion Wear Bag. And for Ceramics I am making a candle holder, that resembles rocks that are found on beaches. Currently, my Ceramic piece is in half, as it cracked during the firing process.

Anyway, back to the final push before deadline.


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