Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Bees Galore

Beaded Bees on brusho dyed fabric with stitched hexagons

Close up of beaded bee
So as promised here are some images of my current project that I've been working on.

I've been recently looking a bees and inside of the hive, especially the honeycombl, where the teserlated combs, hold larvi and honey.

These samples include experimenting with brusho on fabric and mixed in with glue to create the colours found inside of the honey comb.

I also looked at beads to make the bees, although, a simplified version of the bee, I think they work well as a fun little bee embellishment that can be added to work.
Close up of beaded bee

The initial bees used a combination of seed beads for the body, covered by petite beads for the strips, petite beads were again used for the wings, with a faected 4mm bead for the head.

I developed this further by increasing the size of the bees, by using size 6 pebble beads for the body, covering those with seed beads for the strips and also using the seed beads for wings. I used the faected bead for the head once again. This created the Queen Bee for the hive.
Beaded 'Queen Bee' close up

So until next time, happy bee hunting!!!


  1. OH! I do 'n half envy you Jenny!!!! this is soooooooo cute! can't wait to see it on hand in day!!!